Improve Your Team Productivity

With Scrumpy you will finally be able to work focused again and the next deadline is no longer a problem.

  • A Place For Every Idea

    Add tasks to your backlog when ideas come up. Group them with tags, discuss details with your team and keep track of everything.

  • Break Big Projects Into Sprints

    Don't lose focus, work in sprints. Work on the important things, enjoy the flow of your work and visualize your progress.

  • Predict The Future

    While working constantly on the right things you will learn a lot about your team. You will even become confident to predict your deadlines.

  • Unlimited Collaboration

    We love collaboration and want you to invite unlimited clients and freelancers to your projects for free.

  • Stay Up To Date

    Real-time is a thing, so we implemented instant updates. You'll see the same thing as everyone else. Always.

  • Feel Empowered Again

    We built our interface with performance in mind, everything is snappy and looks just purrrrr.

  • Smart Notifications

    Never lose a thread: Notifications are designed to update you on the most important stuff only.

  • Discuss Specific Features

    Every Story comes with powerful comments. Links unfold, Figma designs become embeds, code is highlighted …

  • Integrates Git

    If you're working with GitHub or GitLab, mark your stories as done from your command line with your commit message.

  • On All Your Platforms

    We have just launched our macOS app and we are already working on more apps for all your platforms.

  • Find Everything Instantly

    Nothing gets lost. Just hit Command + P to open quick search and find the things you need.

  • Ping Your Team Mates

    When you need the feedback of your team, just ping them. We're sure they'll love to help you out.

  • Invite Your Team

    Invite your whole team in a second. No complicated onboarding processes, onboard everyone in a minute.

  • Export To Boring Formats

    Sometimes you just need an old boring Excel file with all your tasks and we got you covered.

  • Integrates with Slack

    Connect projects with your Slack Team and receive notifications when something happens.

  • Notes

    There are so many things to consider when working on a Story. Notes are the perfect place to keep everything together.

  • Subtasks

    Add smaller tasks to a Story or list your acceptance criteria. Subtasks are a perfect way to keep track of the little steps, so nothing gets lost.

  • Upload all the things

    Every Story needs a design, this one file, a text document or some assets. Save time and drag them on the Story to keep everything together.