You'll Love Our Features

We couldn't stop writing down features when we started. By now, a lot of it have become reality already. And if you're like us, you'll love it.

  • Agile Planning

    Add stories to your backlog, tag them with epics and estimate complexity with story points.

  • Sprint Progress

    Watch the live progress, see how good your team performs and if you are on track.

  • Detailed Reviews

    We help you analyze your previous sprints and predict when you will achieve Backlog Zero.

  • Unlimited Guests

    We love collaboration and want you to invite unlimited clients and freelancers to your projects.

  • Live Updating

    Real time is a thing, so we implemented instant updates, i.e. with design iterations from Figma.

  • Fast & Beautiful Interface

    Our interface is built with performance in mind, everything is snappy and looks just purrrrr.

  • Smart Notifications

    Never lose a thread: Notifications are designed to update you on the most important stuff only.

  • Discuss Specific Features

    Every story comes with a comments section. You can can also use markdown for highlighting.

  • Integrates With Git

    If you're working with GitHub or GitLab, mark your stories as done with your commit message.

  • On All Your Platforms

    We have just launched our macOS app and we are already working on more apps for all your platforms.

  • Quick Search

    Nothing gets lost. Just hit Command + P to open quick search and find the things you need.