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Did you know that we update Scrumpy 13 times a day on average? We're continuously improving your experience. Learn more about our latest additions.

March 2019

Story Filters

You're now able to filter everything by tags or assignees on the Kanban Board, Backlog or Sprint page.

March 2019

Tag Tooltips

Hover your mouse over a tag to see the progress and the number of attached stories to keep track of bigger features.

March 2019


One feature that we were asked for at least once a day has been missing until recently: Tags. We noticed that there are many parallels to the Epics that we had already built into our Scrum projects and decided to replace Epics with Tags.

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December 2018

My Desk

With My Desk we have added a place for all your tasks. It shows an overview of all your assigned stories from running sprints from all your projects and teams.

November 2018

Google Single Sign-On

With the new Google Single Sign-On setting up a new account and log in again became easier, but the best addition: From now on your team members can onboard themself if you enable a team email domain.

October 2018

Project Documentation

The new project documentation is the perfect place to add all details, links, contacts and inside jokes.

September 2018

Opensourcing Tiptap

We opensourced the WYSIWYG editor we've built for Scrumpy and share every improvement with the community now.

July 2018

Show Only Stories Assigned to Me

Your sprint is so packed that it's hard to keep track of your Stories? Now there is a filter to show only your assigned Stories.

Assign Subtasks

A Story assignee no longer has to do everything on his own. Assign subtasks to other users and work together.

Windows App

We're excited to announce that Scrumpy has been released for Windows!

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June 2018

Attachment Previews

From now on you can preview your beloved uploaded attachments in a brand new lightbox. Works best with images and PDF documents.

Switch Projects

Jumping between projects has never been easier. From now on you save a few seconds each time when using our brand new projects dropdown.

May 2018


Attachments have been one of the most requested features. Now you're able to upload all your designs, files and assets to a Story.

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Not everything should be a Story. For the smaller steps we added Subtasks. Just everything you need to do to finish a Story.

Stories are now autosaving

As our whole App is live updating it just felt right to make Stories auto updating. We'll save you so many clicks.

Slack Integration

Connect your projects with your Slack Team and follow the Sprint progress in realtime.

April 2018


Notes are a new way to add details to your Stories. To create your first Note, open one of your Stories, click on the “Notes”.

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macOS App

We're excited to announce that Scrumpy has been released for macOS!

Our Apps

We have officially launched!

After 1.5 years of work, we shared what we've built with the public and the feedback was overwhelming.