💌 You've Got Mail

May 13th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

When you're working on a larger project, it's a challenge to bundle input from different channels. There are so many conversations, phone calls, ideas, feedback emails, bug reports and everything has to be considered and prioritized somehow. 

Focus on the important things

Sometimes your client sends a short note by email. Or when testing a new version of your iOS app, you'll detect a bug. Of course, you can send a message to the developer now. This is probably the best way to ensure that the team receives regular messages from all sides, but can no longer work on the important tasks. The focus is lost. 

The better way is to bundle this communication and sort it into the backlog. In Kanban projects this information can be added to the Todo column. In Scrum projects the information is added to the backlog, the stories are prioritized and as soon as it is time for a new sprint, the team can focus on the most important stories. This brings a lot more focus to your work. 

Many users have written that this is how they work already. For example, a few people send screenshots to their laptops via AirDrop in order to record the information in Scrumpy. One of our users even built a form for his clients to send bug reports (they used our undocumented API).

We felt that we could better support this workflow in Scrumpy. That's why we added inbound email addresses. 

What is an Inbound Email Address?

Now you can generate an inbound email address in your project settings. So each project gets its own email mailbox. You can use this email address yourself or share it with your clients. Or you can set up your own email address with your own domain and forward it to your Scrumpy inbound email address.

What happens if you send an email there? The email will be immediately added to your backlog. The subject will be the title of the story, the content of the email will be added to the feed of the story. And attachments? Even attachments will be added to the story. Send as many attachments (screenshots, sketch photos, PDF documents or Excel files) to your project as you like. Up to 35 MB per email will be added to your story. 

Oh, one more thing: Of course you can also configure who is allowed to write your inbound email address. If you want to narrow it down, just enter a list of email addresses in the preferences. 

Have fun using it! We still think about adding the famous AOL sound: “You've got Email!” 💌

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