💕 Sharing Our Metrics With Everyone

May 27th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

Transparency has always been important to us, but why? There are a few reasons for this and today is a good day to write about it. 

Helping others

We decided to start Scrumpy as a side project. That means we didn't have much time to invest right from the start and had to think about how to use our time. But building a Software as a Service involves a lot of tasks. Of course there is product development, in which we have invested by far the most time. But we also founded a company, which is not an easy task in Germany. We have done the marketing for our product, that is still a completely new task for us. We went to agencies and start-ups and personally presented our product, which is also a totally new task for us. 

But what does it mean to constantly take on new tasks? That means above all that we start from 0 in every area. All the better if there are books, articles and talks to help us understand the new topic. Unfortunately, we found very little information on many of our questions. We want to change that. By making as much transparent as possible, we hope to help others.

Your trust

We are very grateful for everyone who tests Scrumpy and even more grateful for everyone who uses Scrumpy for their daily work. On-boarding an entire team in Scrumpy requires a strong commitment to our project management approach. We may not have as many features as other tools. We also don't have an ad budget. We don't have a million in fundings. What we have is a great vision and a lot of energy. 

When someone introduces Scrumpy to their team and structures the daily work with our tool, the team has to trust us. You have to trust us that we give everything every day to make your daily life easier with Scrumpy. You have to trust us to fix bugs quickly. And you have to trust us that we are on the right way to make Scrumpy a sustainable business. With all the fun and all the energy, we also want to invest more and more time in Scrumpy and at some point also pay our rent and be there for our family. 

The least we can do to show you that we are on the right track is being transparent. This includes making decisions transparent, answering questions personally, being directly available, but also showing you how much revenue we make with Scrumpy. 

Getting feedback

But making everything transparent also has another advantage for us. We get an incredible amount of feedback. This starts with nice messages that help us to stay motivated. But the feedback also comes from others who have already successfully built a Software as a Service. Then there are hints as to what we could try or how we could perhaps make faster progress. Or what we should focus on. 

With every decision, with every new feature, with every question we answer, we also present ourselves to the public. And that means that we have to stand behind everything. Isn't that how a business should work? At least that's our idea of a business. 

Publishing our Revenue

Shortly after the launch, we added a page to our website that shows some important numbers. For example the number of our users, our monthly recurring revenue or the costs for hosting. Now we are going a big step further.

Thanks to Baremetrics, which we use to monitor our revenue in more detail, we now have a completely public dashboard. All our metrics are published at scrumpy.baremetrics.com. There you can see exactly how our recurring revenue is developing, how many users have cancelled this month or (even better) how many users have joined this month. 

Have fun with it! And a big thank you to Baremetrics for adding us to their list of Open Startups.  

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