Scrumpy is shutting down

March 2nd, 2022 · Hans Pagel

Scrumpy is stopping its service. On May 16th, 2022 we have to pull the plug.

I know, this is bad news for all the users still using Scrumpy on a daily basis and I don’t want to make this sound better than it is. I feel the need to share a few more insights with you though.

First of all, THANK YOU. ❤️ Thanks for supporting our work, thanks for believing in us, thanks for staying with us, thanks to everyone who helped us on our way — this really means a lot to us. A special thanks to David Streit, who initially founded the company with us, Kris Siepert, who helped us developing a ton of features and Justin Schüler, who helped with the design.

Our journey

Scrumpy has been an exciting journey for us, but we’ve also felt pretty burned out at some point. Around the $1k monthly revenue milestone we already had a ton of work with Scrumpy, though $1k/month wasn’t enough to go full time. We started talks with investors and even got some nice offers, but that didn’t felt like our way. It stayed a bootstrapped side project forever. 

We’ve also made a ton of mistakes, the biggest of them: We didn’t have a clear product vision. We discussed defining our own project management method, like Linear did later. Unfortunately, we haven’t been brave enough to make such a bold statement and just tried to build a tool that everyone liked. We’ve ended up working on a never ending backlog without a clear goal. 

The end

At some point, Philipp and I both just stopped working on Scrumpy. I think we both thought it would be a short break. But the longer we didn’t work on Scrumpy, the more clear it became to us that it’s not worth burning out on something without a clear goal. (Actually, it’s never worth burning out on anything.) 

We’ve kept Scrumpy running, mostly because we would have felt (and actually feel) bad for stopping its service. But the monthly revenue doesn’t even pay for the servers and accountant anymore. It’s time to end this, though it hurts. 

To see some numbers for the rise and fall of Scrumpy, our dashboard is still public

What now?

All users with an active subscription have been informed. We won’t charge anything from now on. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions to

Thank you,
Hans & Philipp from Scrumpy

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