🚀 Our Launch in Numbers (Day 1)

April 26th, 2018 · Hans Pagel

We’ve launched our new & shiny agile project management tool yesterday. We put together a few numbers of our launch for you.

Shameless Plug: Unless you haven’t already done so, it’s a good day to start planning your upcoming projects with Scrumpy.

Our Launch “Strategy”

Hey, we are product people and by no means marketing people, but we tried our best. We basically tweeted a lot about the launch (kisses to my followers) and posted Scrumpy to a few big sites. Most of the traffic came from Product Hunt and Designer News. Thanks internet strangers, you are all lovely people!

  1. We submitted Scrumpy to Product Hunt (842 visits). Sadly, Google decided to announce the new Gmail interface and Google Tasks at the same day. 😋
  2. We sent out an email to the 458 subscribers on our mailing list which opened 60 %. I love you all!
  3. We told all our friends and early testers about the launch. 👋 Thanks for supporting us!
  4. We submitted to Indie Hackers (123 visits). We just wanted to share what we’ve built as this site is one of the biggest sources of motivation for us. (Bootstrapping FTW!)
  5. We submitted to Designer News (634 visits). We hadn’t expeceted so many visits from DN, but we’ve been on #1 on DN. What a blast!
  6. We’ve launched on BetaList (60 visits).

The Results After 24 Hours


🤪 4.832 visits
🖥 82 % desktop
🔥 online at the same time: 62 users (peak)


  1. Home (56 %)
  2. Pricing (18 %)
  3. Features (16 %)
  4. Apps (6 %)


👩‍💻 456 sign ups
🍎 51 macOS app downloads

Product Hunt

🌟 #5 Product of the Day


We’re very suprised about the traffic from Designer News. As posts get only a few upvotes, we hadn’t expected it would’ve bring nearly the same traffic as Product Hunt.

It’s unbelievable motivating to see people start using Scrumpy. And we are still overwhelmed by all the positive feedback. ️😊

If you’re into figures: We will publish our revenue stats soon. 💰

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