✏️ Introducing Collaboration

August 12th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

Today we are introducing a big thing. You'll use it, but you won't recognize it at first. It's complex under the hood, but it doesn't need explanation. It's everywhere, but it's invisible. We call it Collaboration.

So, what's the problem?

Maybe you have already noticed, almost everything your team does is in sync. Every change you make will be sent to your team in real time and vice versa. When someone in your team adds a story, you will see it on your screen barely a second later. Unlike many other tools, realtime isn't a post-launch thought for us, it was an integrated feature from the beginning. 

There was only one thing that had bothered us for a long time: Forms. Until now, two users from the team could open a story. If one user added a task then, it wasn't visible for the other user. We couldn't just change the contents of the loaded form, that's a nasty technical limitation in forms. Many project management tools try to hide this behind an additional click, so you can change the description and someone else will see the new description, but only if you don't work at the same time. Then you are doomed. 💥 

How do you collaborate in real-time then?

We wanted to take our real-time collaboration to a new level. That's why we have upgraded our forms to incorporate a level of real-time collaboration that you may know from a few other professional tools like Google Docs, but not from other project management tools. From now on multiple users can change the story title, the tasks, the notes or even the project documentation at the same time (even in the same second) without anything going wrong. 🤯

Nothing gets lost and everything is instant. This makes real-time collaboration possible on a whole new level. This is what we call a real multiplayer mode for project management. ✌️

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