👋 Good Bye, Medium! Hello, Scrumpy Blog!

May 2nd, 2019 · Hans Pagel

When we started Scrumpy we noticed that there are far too few articles on the questions that concerned us. It was clear from the beginning, that we want to make every part of our journey as transparent as possible to help others find their way.

But to be honest, writing was still quite new to us. We have already written a few articles about development. But those were in German. Writing articles in English? That alone was a whole new challenge.

From the beginning on we wanted to invest as much time as possible into the core product. We tried to get rid of as many distracting tasks as possible. And setting up a new blog system was one of them.

Who would read our articles then?

We didn't had an audience in the beginning anyway. If we'd write an article, who would read them? We needed an existing platform that already had enough readers. The decision was made quickly: Medium. Medium has a nice and clean design and thousands of readers.

For our first article we made something easy. We simply listed the technologies we use to build Scrumpy. We published it in December 2017 and didn't think much of it.

The next morning I saw the statistics for the first time. Almost 10,000 people had read the article in the first 24 hours. I almost fell off my chair. What a success! Thank you, Medium! Thank you for a total of nearly 50.000 reads.

Hello, Scrumpy Blog!

Today, we have a running product with hundreds of active users, around 500 people following us on Twitter, nearly 1.000 subscribers on our mailing list and we talk regularly in front of people that even travel to learn more about our journey. I guess we have a tiny audience by now. And you're one of them! 

Thank you and welcome to our new playground, the Scrumpy Blog! 

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