⚡️ Don't miss a beat with the new Activity stream

September 16th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

Yay, your Scrumpy project got a new friend: The all new activity page. It's the new place to get an even better overview of everything that happened inside your project.

The new activity page

With notifications you'll notice everything that needs your action soon, but you won't get notifications for things that happen around you. If you want to see what has been archieved in the project while you were focused on your work, this is the perfect place.

Asynchronous communication

We thought a lot about the communication that happens in Scrumpy. The activity page is the perfect example for the asynchronous communication that we want to enable. Working in different timezones? Look up what happened during the night. Took a few days off? No problem, you are up to date in a glance.

Less status meetings

We also hope that the activity page lets you skip a few status meetings, because everybody knows what happened anyways. Hope that's a time saver for a lot of you!

Here is a list of events you'll see in the activity stream:

project created, story added, story added by an integration (slack, inbound email), story moved to another column, story moved to sprint, story moved to backlog, new comment, story deleted, story archived, story restored, sprint started, sprint finished, user joined the project, user left the project, integration added, integration removed …

So, let's get back to work. The next feature is already in the works. ✌️

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