🤚 Do Not Track Me

May 20th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

If you're launching something, add tracking first. There's no such thing as too much tracking. At least that's what people tell you. We question this.

We don't use tracking. For example, there is no Google Analytics installed in this blog. We don't even set cookies. Why should we? We don't need tracking. Here are the reasons:

We don't need detailed analytics

We talked to a few investors, even though we've quickly discarded the idea of taking funding. They all had one thing in common: They wanted detailed weekly reports. Of course, when someone gives you money, they want to know what happens to it and see how the company is developing.

We don't have any investors for whom we have to prepare detailed reports.

We are always in contact with you anyway

We have support chat, can be reached by email and we are pretty active on Twitter too. When a lot of people visit our website or sign up for Scrumpy, we notice that anyway. More people contact us, more people talk about us.

Do people actually use the app? We can tell by how quickly users report bugs. If an important feature is affected we sometimes get feedback within seconds. That wouldn't happen if nobody was using the app.

But don't you do A/B testing?

Nope. I guess we are too small to do that. We have a few basic usage metrics (e. g. how many teams in total used a new feature), that's enough to know if we're on track. Especially from a design perspective we don't believe that A/B testing would help us at current stage.

You know that a lot of startups record whole user sessions? It's basically like someone recording your monitor while using the service. From a technical perspective that's impressive. But from a user perspective that's creepy. 

We simply talk to users and if they agree, we meet with them and watch them use Scrumy or they share their screen with us. That's our approach to learn more about the user experience.  

Your privacy is valuable

We don't have a good reason to track you. Why should we give your usage data to Google and others then? We care about your privacy and don't think detailed analytics reports are worth to send your data to companies around the world. But maybe that's just us. Happy Browsing!

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