🔎 Details matter: Showing progress

December 15th, 2017 · Hans Pagel

We worked on a lot of agile projects, but while JIRA is really powerful, we felt that it failed at the important details. In our “Details matter” series, we want to put a spotlight on all the minor things we come up with to improve your way of planning.

While working agile, you put a lot of energy in managing the process. Nonetheless, we hope you don’t put too much effort in estimations (because “people over processes”). But if you take your time to estimate all the small tasks, you should get the most out of it. ⏳ We add a visual approach to this topic. By showing you how good your team performs, you get an immediate feeling of progress and future workload.

Your project overview

On your team page you will find an overview of all running projects. Besides showing the title, description and joined coworkers, we add a compact progress bar. 📈 Because of the story points you add beforehand, we now can show you the scope of your sprint. So now it will take you only one glimpse to check your performance in terms of time.

Your sprint board

The progess bar will be live-updating after you drag a story into the “Done” section. Your mission is to be slightly ahead of time (the dot marks “Today”). It’s like 👾 pacman, but with stories.

We hope this detail will help you to plan and execute your digital products even better. If you haven’t done it by now, subscribe to our mailing list to get further updates. If you like what we do, clap for us as a motivation. It would mean the world to us. 🤗

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