✅ Copy & Paste All Your Tasks

May 6th, 2019 · Hans Pagel

When we have an idea, we add it to our backlog as a story. The more concrete the whole idea becomes, the more tasks we will add to the story. Sometimes a new design draft has to be created, the API has to be extended and the copy has to be rewritten. This may be done by very different team members. And you know what? With the new tasks keeping all the details together becomes way easier.

Copy & Paste

Do you have a list of tasks in your notes? No problem just copy & paste the list. We'll even make the hyphens magically disappear. 🤯


Did you add all the tasks but want to change the order afterwards? No problem. You can easily drag tasks to change the order now.

It should be much easier to add, change, assign, copy, paste, prioritize, check and delete tasks now. Anyway, we can mark a whole bunch of tasks as done now. ✅

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