Agile Planning,
Made Simple.

Scrumpy is designed for agile teams who manage multiple projects. We want you to stay focused on the important things.

Make Agile Planning More Productive

We felt like none of the existing tools emphasized one of the most essential principles: people over processes. Read more about how we try to change this.

  • A Place For Every Idea

    Add stories to your backlog, when ideas come up. Group them in epics and estimate complexity with story points.

  • Follow The Progress

    Get cross-project visibility into what's going on. Watch the live progress, see if you are still on track.

  • Learn More About Your Team

    We help you analyze your previous sprints and predict when you will achieve Backlog Zero.

  • Unlimited Collaboration

    We love collaboration and want you to invite unlimited clients and freelancers to your projects for free.

  • Stay Up To Date

    Real-time is a thing, so we implemented instant updates. You'll see the same thing as everyone else. Always.

  • Feel Empowered Again

    We built our interface with performance in mind, everything is snappy and looks just purrrrr.

  • Smart Notifications

    Never lose a thread: Notifications are designed to update you on the most essential stuff only.

  • Discuss Specific Features

    Every story comes with powerful comments. Links unfold, Figma designs become embeds, code is highlighted …

  • Find Everything Instantly

    Nothing gets lost. Just hit Command + P to open quick search and find the things you need.

We're on macOS, too

If you want a more native feel, you can download our freshly released macOS app.

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What Others Say About Us

Don't trust our words. More than 100 teams are already using Scrumpy actively. Read what those lovely people have to say about us.

    • One of the tools that got us over the MVP line was Scrumpy. Beautiful UI, super easy and super useful. Top marks guys!
      Chris, Founder of Kemento
    • 5 min since I gained access and I'm already in love with the minimalistic and slick interface 😍
      Marcus Herrmann
    • LOVE what you guys are doing! Been looking for a tool just like yours for a long time.
      Ulises I. Orozco, CPO
    • This site is SO well done. The design / illustrations / animations are 💯 👌. Great work @_philippkuehn 👍
      Mackenzie Child